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The Difference between a Counsellor & Psychologist

Which one do you need?

Counsellors and Psychologists are both licenced professionals who offer clients mental health support. Both professions are here to help you achieve your goals. 

Counsellors/Psychotherapists need to go through extensive training and obtain certificates and certain qualifications to be officially verified as a counsellor. They may even use psychotherapy to help clients suffering from mental health problems. However, ultimately their main role is to talk through concerns with clients in a confidential environment. Registration with boards such as the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) verify that Counsellors and Psychotherapists have met the requirements of training standards.

Counselling can be offered individually, to a group, couple or family depending on the issues. Most importantly, counsellors will encourage clients to find solutions themselves instead of offering solutions.

Psychologists are involved with all matters of mind, which comprises of everyday thought processes and behaviours. An applied psychologist will work with clients in a clinical setting to assist with complex mental health conditions. 

A Mental Health Plan is a plan for people with a mental health disorder. If you have mental health issues, your doctor can write out this plan. It identifies what type of health care you need, and spells out what you and your doctor have agreed you are aiming to achieve.

Counsellors and Psychotherapists don't need a Mental Health Plan because we do not focus on a diagnosis or a specific therapy. Our aim is to provide a range of therapies to suit an individual client and is treated holistically. We can however, use a mental health plan as a guide.

Here at The Hope Centre - Perth we are fully trained and registered Counsellors/Psychotherapists, NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists. We have gone through many years of University level training and learnt the skills to offer the best treatment for our clients. 

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